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You're ready to let go of the perfect fantasy for a love that's real.

Taking the relationship from your head and holding it in your hands takes expert guidance and strategy. With my personalized, intimate and bespoke support, you could meet your long-term love in 6-12 months.

No more longing and wishing. No more fantasies. Just real-life love.

Let's me help you.

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Level 3: Free Trainings

You're interested and want more from me. You're not sure if you're ready to part with your cash just yet. You want to know I can help you.

Level 2: Courses &
Group Programs

You're ready to invest a couple hundred quid in finding love. You might need a payment plan for the groups, but you're ready.

Level 1: Bespoke Private Coaching

You know the value of investing in yourself. You want high-end personal support and rapid results. You want to meet your soulmate in 6-12 months.
Money isn't an issue. 




Client Love Stories:

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I manifested Cheryl's support at a very dark turn of my spiral when I was struggling to ground myself in the tumult of heartbreak. In our two week intensive, I found her to be the perfect combination of empathically validating and practically empowering. In our container, I felt held, supported, seen, and also invited to step into my next chapter with grace and self-possession. Her energy is very unique and clearly informed by the ways in which she has learned to open her heart in the midst of life's most signature challenges.

Kelly Brogan MD, NY Times Bestselling author and holistic psychiatrist


Kind words from BBC Radio One:

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"You make things make sense."

Vick Hope, BBC Radio One

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Free Training:

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How to work with me:

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PRIVATE COACHING ( investment starts at £750 )

After 3 months, you will:

✔︎ Know how to build happy healthy relationships in every area of their life, for the rest of your life.

✔︎ Have the practical, emotional, spiritual and energetic tools to attract a high calibre partner.
Typically, my clients do this easily, without dating apps, within 6-12 months of working with me. They call this person their soulmate.

✔︎ Be positioned to build and raise a beautiful family where people know how to communicate with each other and it’s safe and happy. (Many of my clients have had babies now.)

✔︎ You will have the techniques to be calmer and more confident, and able to manage your own emotions. You have learned how to communicate what you need from your future partner. Happier relationships, with no fighting or passive aggressive communication. You will be able to create a home very different to the one you were raised in.

✔︎ You will know how to say no to draining family members – and calmly and lovingly say no, without any guilt.

✔︎ You will know how to both protect yourself from people who are bad for you, while also keeping your heart open to let in the new relationship and new friends who love you for who you really are.

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Instant access self-study courses through #SchoolOfCheryl which help you learn the tools to:

✔︎ Overcome the pattern of fantasy relationships

✔︎ Attract lasting love with a partner who has qualities you used to dream about

✔︎ Feel calm and confident during the process of finding your soulmate

✔︎ Feel radiant and happy, with or without your partner

✔︎ Know how to communicate what you need and what your limits are, and feel really safe in your body when you do this (no more shaky hands, racing pulse or second-guessing yourself)

✔︎ Reach a deeper level of self-acceptance, being all of who you are, and walking through life with your head held high as the gorgeous, kinky nerdy goddess that you are.


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