Official Bio:

Cheryl Muir is a coach, counsellor and relationship expert who helps smart women find love and keep love. Cheryl uses her unique processes, The Partnership Method, The SIREN Method, and The Love Formula, where she teaches clients to master the emotional, practical, spiritual and energetic tools and techniques to attract lasting love easily. Cheryl’s clients typically find love without dating apps, and stay happily partnered long-term.

Cheryl is the host of Love + Fandom on YouTube, where she analyses on-screen relationships of popular films and television series, particularly the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The ethos behind Love + Fandom is that the relationship we see on the screen helps us to understand ourselves at a deeper level and have a better relationship with ourselves and each other.

Cheryl is a certified coach and counsellor with 8 years of private practice experience helping women and men all over the world find their long-term partnership. Her body of work has reached hundreds of thousands of people, and she’s best known for her celebrity crush and fandom videos on TikTok.

Within the past two years, Cheryl has been live on air with BBC Radio One and Heart Radio, and featured in Metro, Bustle, Refinery 29 and Woman & Home magazine. To find Cheryl on social media, head to TikTok and YouTube. Or browse her website,


Qualifications & Experience

  • Certified Life Coach: Life Coach Certificate Program
    - Covers the 11 Core - Competencies of the International Coaching Federation
    - 150 certified coaching hours upon graduation
    - Program approved by: Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training
    - Rhodes College, Vancouver Canada
    - Graduated: 2014

  • Awareness of Mental Health Problems: BTEC Level 2 
    - Kendal College, UK

  • Counselling Skills: BTEC Level 3
    - Kendal College, UK

  • 8 Years Experience
    - Working as a professional coach with private and group clients for (2014-2022)


Cheryl helps you to:

Cheryl 011.jpg
  • Get over your ex

  • Find lasting love

  • Get engaged and get married and have kids (if that's your desire)

  • Let go of "the one that got away"

  • Navigate the emotions of a divorce or seperation

  • Decide whether or not to leave an unhappy marriage

  • Understand why you cheated or had an affair

  • Understand the infidelity of your partner and move forward

  • Trust again

  • Break the cycle of dating "the wrong ones" on repeat​

  • Overcome feelings of control, anxiety and “clingy-ness” in dating

  • Heal from heartbreak

Cheryl also helps you master:

  • Confidence and open honest communication in relationships – for romantic, platonic and family relationships

  • Knowing your needs and boundaries and how to communicate them

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Healing from unhealthy family systems. Cheryl's clients often come from abusive, alcoholic or narcissistic homes.

  • Trusting yourself to make better decisions in love

  • Attracting love with ease

  • Become happier and more at peace with yourself

  • Feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted, and radiate joy!


Cheryl also teaches on:

Cheryl 044.jpg
  • Celebrity crushes and how understanding the qualities of your celebrity crush can help you find love

  • Fictophilia, loving fictional characters – accepting this, and/or overcoming it

  • The healing power of writing and fan fiction

  • Escapism, fantasy relationships and fandom

  • How the arts – film, television, theatre, literature – helps you understand yourself at a deeper level

  • Normalising sexuality, BDSM- and kink-positivity for women

  • Bisexual representation in film and television


Who Cheryl Works With:

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Cheryl's private clients over the past 8 years have been:

  • Public figures

  • 6- and 7-figure business owners and CEOs

  • Functional medicine doctors

  • Traditional investors, brokers, bankers

  • Bitcoin and crypto investors

  • Veterinarians and veterinary practice owners

  • New York Times Bestselling Authors

  • Corporate and Big Tech escapees 

  • Personal Development industry leaders

  • Influencers & online entrepreneurs

Cheryl desires to work with:

  • Directors, Executive Producers

  • Film and television cast and crew

  • Actors, theatre performers, dancers

  • SFX, make-up and visual concept / character design artists

  • Stunt performers & stand-ins

  • Pro cosplayers, nerd culture influencers & fan fiction writers

  • Big Pharma escapees

  • Investigators in the paranormal and extraterrestrial

  • Sustainable energy experts & Tesla owners

Gentlemen - yes, Cheryl can help you, and is honoured to work with you. Cheryl's male clients are entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and coaching industry professionals in the UK, US, Canada and Australia )