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I manifested Cheryl's support at a very dark turn of my spiral when I was struggling to ground myself in the tumult of heartbreak. In our two week intensive, I found her to be the perfect combination of empathically validating and practically empowering. In our container, I felt held, supported, seen, and also invited to step into my next chapter with grace and self-possession. Her energy is very unique and clearly informed by the ways in which she has learned to open her heart in the midst of life's most signature challenges.

Kelly Brogan MD, NY Times Bestselling author and holistic psychiatrist


Receive real-time support, with or without private coaching sessions.

Private Coaching with sessions

£4,000 GBP per month
4 x hours of private coaching with Cheryl

Plus personalised support via Telegram or WhatsApp

3-month minimum commitment

Private Coaching without sessions

£1,800 GBP per month

Personalised support via Telegram or WhatsApp

3-month minimum commitment

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The vibe:

  • Complete the form below

  • We'll have our Zoom conversation

  • If we both feel it's a fit, we'll get you booked in

  • You'll pay within the next 7 days. Most clients pay within 24 hours of our call. We'll start within the next 30 days (dependant on my availability).

About you:

  • You're ready to invest in coaching in the next 7 days

  • You take responsibility for your results

  • You know I'm a coach, not a genie

  • You don't need anyone to "save" you

About the call:

  • It's a conversation, not a sales call.

  •  It has to feel like a fit for both of us. Coaching containers are intimate and close, so it's vital we work well together.

  • The bottom line is - Relationship-wise, where do you want to be in 12 months? Am I the right coach to help you get there?


  • Yes I do work with men too

  • If you feel drawn to my work and you fit the criteria above, please do apply


You're tired of the cycles of dating drama and heartbreak. You're ready to revolutionize your relationship reality.

Reading To Your Dog

You are:

Unable to let go of someone who can't or won't commit (even though their reasons sound SO good)

Consumed by thoughts of them... you can't stop thinking about him/her

Tormented by strong emotions that don't make sense to you. You keep thinking, "But I don't even know them that well."

You are also:

Aching for real love, connection and intimacy... but feel equally afraid of losing yourself if you get close

Secretly worried you may never find love, and KNOW you need help to break the cycle

Happy Girl

I want you to slow down, goddess. Breathe deeply. Hand on your heart. And imagine:

Feeling calm and at peace, and no longer thinking about him/her

Trusting your heart to choose incredible partners

Being confident and grounded as a woman in her relationships

Radiating beautiful feminine energy that attracts high-calibre partners

Couple in Love

Give yourself permission to go further. Imagine...

Meeting the love of your life within the next year.

The moment you're worshipped and CLAIMED as the girlfriend, the fiancé, the wife...

Creating a beautiful life filled with love, laughter, joy and feeling so deeply loved, cherished and respected by your partner.

Two Brides

This isn't sales page lip-service. It's what my clients experience after working with me.

They're getting engaged and having babies! If you want this, this is the pathway for you.


Straight from the hearts of my clients.

Many of my clients choose to stay anonymous. Here are some of the souls I've supported over the years, who were able to speak about it publicly:


In the immortal words of Rose DeWitt Bukater: "I will do this with or without your help, Sir. But without will take longer."

The thing I probably shouldn't say on an enrolment page, but it's the truth:

You CAN do this without my help.

Meaning. You WILL find love. No matter what.

On your own, it'll take much longer. Why wait? Why not have love sooner, than later?

Here's what it's like trying to find love without support:

It's like trying to find your Air BnB in a strange town. You ask a local for directions, and drive off trying to remember if it was left or right at the Horse & Hound, you try it both ways and still end up driving around the town three times because you don't know where you're going and you're in unfamiliar territory. (you get there eventually, but it takes ages and it's exhausting, and frustrating)

If your friend in the passenger seat grew up in the town... they know exactly where to go and how to get there. You arrive at your destination easily, in less time.

I'm that guide in the passenger seat.

I know you're exhausted. Let me show you the way home.


It's not magic. It's psychology.

Here's how we'll break you out of the hell loop of dating morons, and have the love of your life fall madly in love with YOU (it's about time):


The Dating Drama Empowerment Method is a 3-step process:

  1. What's the pattern you're repeatedly experiencing in love?
    We identify and name the patterns and themes wreaking havoc in your love life.

  2. Where did this pattern originate?
    We find the source of this pattern. This may be something you experienced when you were small, or it may be connected to the home you grew up in. (yep, we're talking about your parents)

  3. Knowing this, how do we heal it?
    Now we've found where the pattern started, we'll release any stuck emotions connected to the past (sounds woo-woo, is actually practical and real as fuck). We'll help you create new beliefs that help you believe you're worthy of those gorgeous new relationships. We'll also set practical action steps in line with what you want. It's not just feeling and believing. It's also doing. (I know you're the queen of execution at work, so the action piece will be easy for you).

During our first session:

  • We'll set a goal for our time together 

  • I'll ask a lot of questions to help you understand what's been going on for you in love.

  • I'll use all the tools in my toolkit to help you break free.

  • Tools include: Powerful questions, repeating and reframing, guided meditations, journaling prompts, inner child work, emotional release, subconscious reprogramming.

  • I may also recommend specific resources like books, apps for breathwork, I may even recommend a past life regression. YEP. We're going DEEP.

The souls I work with are entrepreneurs, creatives, professional nerds, as well as film, television and media personalities. You might be, too.


Receive real-time support, with or without private coaching sessions.

Private Coaching with sessions

£4k monthly
4 x hours of private coaching with Cheryl

Plus personalised support via Telegram or WhatsApp

Private Coaching without sessions

£1,800 monthly

Personalised support via Telegram or WhatsApp

Studying at Home

"This is what I need. By the way, what's included?"

Woman on Her Smart Phone

Private Coaching with sessions (£4k)

The accelerated path to healing your relationship issues. A favourite with my VIPs.

  • 4 hours of private coaching with me every month, giving you the time and space to go DEEP and understand what has kept you stuck in love and relationships. For some, this is choosing the wrong partners. Other women are navigating divorce and separation. Some seek deeper intimacy with their current partner.

  • Sessions are flexible. Book them when you need them. Some women like regular weekly one-hour calls. Others prefer 90-minute or 2-hour sessions. Slice and dice it and use the 4 hours however works best for you. We don't roll the time over to the next month, though - it's use it if you need it, or lose it.

  • On a monthly rolling contract, we work so you can fully let go of the old feelings, beliefs and patterns of the past and learn how to have healthy relationships, regulate your emotions, set boundaries, feel supported and loved, and navigate the dating world, or your relationship, as the highest as the elevated version of you.

  • I use my tailor-made methods, drawing from four quadrants: practical, emotional, energetic and soul level. Some of our work is quantum.

  • You also receive bespoke support via Telegram or WhatsApp (details below). This is where most of the transformation happens. You reach out to me when you need help and I get back with practical action steps, customised to your specific situation.

Private coaching without sessions (£1,800)

Personal, one-to-one, tailor-made text and voice note support

  • My private clients tell me the Telegram / WhatsApp support is the part they enjoy the most. They feel supported and safe, knowing they can reach out to me for help.

  • In this option, you don't receive any private coaching sessions. We do all of our work in Telegram / WhatsApp.

  • Reach out to me when you need me. Some women enjoy daily support. For others, less is more - they need me a couple of times a week.

  • In my replied, I give you personalized, thoughtful voice notes with specific action steps, challenges and questions, tailored to what you need.

  • You'll receive replies from me within 24 hours during the week, and within 48 hours at the weekend and bank holidays. This helps me carve out the time to sit, listen, and respond thoughtfully and personally. I will never rush a message to you. Voice note support is quality over quantity.

  • We are not on Telegram / WhatsApp every minute of the day, and this is not an emergency or crisis line.

Meditating Outdoors

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Coaching with Sessions

Payment Options

Pay monthly - £4k
Pay 3 months upfront - £10k

Pay 6 months upfront - £20k

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Coaching without Sessions (Telegram only)

Payment Options

Pay monthly - £1,800
Pay 3 months upfront - £5k

Pay 6 months upfront - £10k

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Terms of Agreement

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Coaching with Sessions (£4k monthly)

Coaching without Sessions: Telegram Only (£1,800 monthly)