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BEGINNER (£299+)

In 60 minutes, we'll get clear on:

  • What your relationship pattern is

  • Where it came from

  • How to heal it

You will leave the session feeling at peace, clear and confident!



During a 1-3 month journey, you will:

  • Deeply understand your relationship patterns

  • Learn the origin of these patterns and how they've shaped your relationships in love, life and friendship

  • Heal the source of your patterns as well as developing skills to do this on your own

  • Integrate a new way of showing up in life and love

You will leave our time together feeling embodied, empowered and turning heads!


ADVANCED (£2,000+)

During our 1-6 months together, you will:

  • Go deep into all of your relationship patterns and understand exactly where they came from, why they took hold and how to heal this

  • Understand the deep inner workings of your heart, mind and soul

  • Develop the skills to navigate unhealthy and codependent relationships with grace

  • Attract emotionally healthy partners, friends and confidents into your life with absolute ease

  • Embody your inner goddess and radiate a glow that positively impacts every soul you encounter

After our time together you will truly have gained power over your dating drama. You have become the woman you were all along - confident, empowered, and free!