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I have 3 flagship courses, and each course enrols twice per year. They run live, and often include options to enrol in the course only (SCHOLAR) or upgrade to group support or private bespoke coaching with me (VIP).

Each course focuses on a specific area - dating & relationships, sexuality, or fandom. They are fresh and new, and were created in 2022. #AccidentalRhyming 

Check out which course you like the look of. If it's not enrolling yet, pop yourself on the VIP list so we can email you when doors open. (you'll also receive a coupon code to use for money off if you do decide to enroll)

FANGIRL TO FIANCE!!!!! (1).png

Doors closed in June 2022.

Next Fangirl To Fiancé Enrolment Period: Autumn/Winter 2022.

The LOVE Formula _ What Fresh Hell (previously DDEM)_June 2022.png

Next Enrolment Period: Probably New Year, January 2023.

SIREN 21 days.png

Doors closed in August 2022. Doors will reopen in Spring 2023.


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Please read enrolment pages carefully - many courses from The Vault are purely self-study, with no access to me. But that's okay, because you're smart and you like studying for new things.

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