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  • How To Attract Love Easily (personal story: How I manifested not one but TWO incredible men showing up at my house in the same week)

  • Two Places Your Relationship Patterns Come From

  • How To Embrace Your Sexuality

  • Why Your Dating Drama Persists

  • Here's Why You're Waiting For Them To Commit

You'll also receive access to:

  • The Funeral of Light Meditation (a client favourite), where you say goodbye to your old self and make way for the new, radiant, happy you who is open and ready for LOVE.

Infinite Love 2.0 (website version) Augu

Cheryl's instant-access digital courses help you to:

  • Overcome dating drama

  • Heal your relationship with yourself

  • Trust yourself more

  • Connect to your heart

  • Understand and regulate your emotions

  • Heal your inner child

  • Activate your feminine radiance

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