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Fresh out of Cheryl's brain, these courses were created in 2022 and cover relationships, sexuality and fandom.



Become the hottest woman in the room.

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Flagship courses enrolling soon: SIREN, The Love Formula, Fangirl To Fiancé.
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Like Odin's Vault on Asgard. Minus an infinity stone.

🎉🎉 Infinite Love & Break The Cycle are on sale in September 🎉🎉

The courses in The Vault are:

Four courses are under £100, and other courses have payment plans. Payment plans are interest-free.

Instantly Accessible: Enrol today, get access to the whole course today. No waiting for a launch, no faffing about for modules to drop.

Foundational: Master key relationship skills like emotional regulation, self love, and healing the mother and father wounds. And learn how to overcome common problems like dating drama and heartbreak.

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This course is designed to be the only relationship course you'll ever need.

If you're new to the journey of overcoming your relationship patterns, and love currently feels confusing but you're ready to learn how to become the woman who has loving relationships in every area (romance, friendships, even getting on with Sharon from Accounting!!), then Infinite Love is for you.

IL teaches you the practical, spiritual, emotional and energetic skills to become a confident woman ready for her long-term partnership. A woman who takes no crap, who is also loving and graceful and loves herself a whole lot.

Packed with 100+ audio and video trainings, 10 meditations and 1000's of journaling prompts, IL's content teaches you how to untangle yourself from the dating drama of the past, get over your ex, become glowing and radiant as f*ck, and attract the right type of love everywhere you go.

Investment: £550. Payment plan available.

🎉🎉🎉 SEPTEMBER COURSE SALE: Use code 'SEPTEMBER' for 10% off Infinite Love 🎉🎉🎉


Break The Cycle is for you if:

➡️ Love feels hard and you're attracting the same level of heartbreak again and again

➡️ You've been single longer than you can remember, and you see yourself as 'The Single Friend' in your friendship group.

➡️ You recognise you have repeating patterns in relationships. You're ready to understand where these patterns came from, heal it, and let go of them for good.

➡️ You've created success in your career but love feels like the one thing you don't get to have.... you're willing to call bullshit on this and restructure your beliefs. If other people have love, you can too.

I know it's been tough for you. Tougher than you even admit to yourself. But you're ready to do the inner work needed to turn this around, make peace with your past and become the woman who's ready for her partnership.

And now is your time.

Investment: £250. Payment plan available.

🎉🎉🎉 SEPTEMBER COURSE SALE: Use code 'SEPTEMBER' for 10% off Infinite Love 🎉🎉🎉


Your No-Nonsense Self Love Starter Kit

Investment: £100

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The Kickstarter Collection is for you if you want to master the skills to:

✔︎ Feel supported by incredible female friends who you trust and who give to you freely (instead of feeling like a free therapist to needy, draining friends)

✔︎ Feel safe to be around men who step up and protect you (instead of secretly feeling mad at men, or unsafe around them)

✔︎ Be all of who you are - your gorgeous, weird, wonderful, nerdy self!! And knowing that no matter what someone says, you can weather it. (this it true freedom)

✔︎ Have shit loads of motivation and understand the things in the way of mastering your money and your time

✔︎ ...and finally make peace with your parents for a shitty childhood (I know it was hard. And, we can let it go now.)

Investment: £50

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This program teaches you how to use conflict to bring you closer to your friends, family members and partner.

Right now, conflict feels scary and overwhelming. You either avoid it altogether, or get very heated and passioante and it escalates.

This is understandable, given what was modelled to you when you were small.

It's also not the way foward.

You're here now, mastering these new skills.

You're ready to take ownership of how you feel, and truly listen to the other person, and learn how to use disagreements as a way to understand them better.

Curious? Learn more about the program below.

Investment: £50

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Relationship Education Series with Cheryl Muir

Investment: £50