The Love Formula

The LOVE Formula (previously DDEM)_February 2022.png

Step 1: What's The Pattern?

Note from Cheryl, April 2021: The 6 Dating Drama Archetypes is included as a bonus course. I recommend digging into the archetypes for extra insights on your patterns in love. -Cheryl xx


The Theory:

  • This is foundational work and helps us to build a beautiful relationship with ourselves and others

  • Just as we would survey a plot of land before building on it, we must also get clear on what lies beneath the surface in our inner world

  • By getting clear our patterns and naming them, we are 'getting a lay of the land' before we move forward and build

  • Without this, we are metaphorically building on quicksand. It won't last, because the foundation is unsteady.

  • The work in this module (and this course) is emotional excavation


The Journaling Prompts:

  • When I like someone, I...

  • When I date someone, I...

  • My relationships end because...

  • What I've noticed is...

  • My biggest struggle in dating is...


Additional Prompts:

  • Which patterns felt familiar to you?

  • What feelings came up when learning about the patterns?

  • Did you have any other insights about your patterns?

  • Knowing this - in your own words, what are your main patterns in love and relationships?

  • How would it feel to be free of these patterns? What would become possible for you?