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Our Schedule:

Session start times: 1pm GMT (United Kingdom)

Day 1: Setting the Scene on Your Dating Drama

Getting clear on your specific repeating patterns in love and dating.

Live on Zoom

Day 2: Digging Deeper - Q&A with Cheryl

Asking Cheryl for guidance on your specific struggles and receiving customized actions steps to help you break free.

via Facebook Live

Day 3: Returning to The Scene of the Crime

Understanding the root cause of your patterns in love and dating. We're going WAY back.

Live on Zoom


Day 4: Laying It To Rest - Guided closed-eye process with Cheryl

You'll be guided through a healing meditation to let go of the source of your dating drama, which gives you a gorgeous solid foundation to build on.

via Facebook Live

Day 5: The Secret to Your Happy Ending

The fun part... let's create the pathway to your partnership! 

PRIZE: One woman will be coached by Cheryl live for 30-minutes. *priceless*

Live on Zoom


The vibe for the week.

The our vibe for the week is: nurturing, loving, grounded.

The challenge will not only help you stop attracting the wrong partnesr and start the path to finding true love… but it will also feel like the digital equivalent of a warm hug. We’re creating a really beautiful, warm space.

I will:​

  • Do everything in my power to help you understand why you've been stuck in love. I'll teach you the tools to break free from dating losers.

  • Answer your questions during our designated Q&A time

  • Gift one person a 30-minute live coaching session which takes place during our Day 5 session. (the more engaged you are, the more likely you are to win!)

I ask that you:

  • Show up and give it your all

  • Fully commit to all 5 days

  • Lean into all the info, do the journaling prompts and tasks

  • Embrace the opportunity and learn as much as you can