Kiss goodbye to bullshit dating dynamics in 30 days


The one who lived in Europe…

The one who turned out to have alcohol & sex addiction issues…

The one who had a girlfriend already (but you had such a strong connection)…

You know it’s not them. You know it’s you.

You’re not only tired of it. You’re 500 flavours of DONE.


Your back story…

You’ve been in therapy. You know your parents fucked up.

And you’re still in a cycle of attracting morons.

A year of lockdowns has embedded your decision deeper into every cell of your being:

You don’t want to keep talking about it. You want to be on the other side.

A life where love is easy and natural.

A reality where you attract quality, available partners with ease.

An inner experience where you know your worth (even if someone says no)


Your ticket out of this hell loop is The Intensive.


The Intensive is for you if:

You’re ready to say goodbye to painful patterns in love so you can experience emotional freedom, create space to live your most fulfilling life AND build the foundation for healthy, lasting partnership.

(With or without the alleged global zombie apocalypse that’s happening in front of our eyes)


“I’m intrigued! But in the name of all things holy, what is The Intensive?”


The Intensive is a 30-day program to help you to kiss dating drama goodbye. For good.


The Intensive is for women who:

  • Are ready to take radical responsibility for their patterns in love

  • Desire to be free from the thoughts of their ex that consume them

  • Feel stuck after years of therapy

  • Are smart and can’t understand why they “haven’t figured out love yet”

  • Are actively working on their personal development, and committed to doing what it takes to get results

  • Are willing to do the inner work needed to feel better fast

  • Are great at thinking, but afraid of feeling

  • Know they are worthy of a beautiful relationship (even if they doubt it in their less lucid moments)

It's NOT for women who:

  • Secretly like staying stuck in dating drama because they enjoy talking about it in therapy

  • Are not ready to take personal responsibility for the patterns they’ve created in love

  • Want a coach to save or fix them

  • Won’t take full responsibly for their results

  • Are not fully committed to persevering with their inner work, and who give up when it feels hard

  • Decide they “can’t afford it”… no matter what the price tag

  • Decide they “don’t have time”… and waste hours watching Netflix


It’s for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, world-changers, content creators, investors, influencers and creatives with hard shells and sensitive souls. With big brains, and even bigger hearts.


This isn’t for everyone.
It’s bespoke and high-end.


Yes, it's an investment.

If you're on a budget, this isn't for you.

The Intensive is £2,200 GBP pay in full.

The payment plan comes to £2,500 - paid in 2 monthly instalments of £1,250.


Before applying for The Intensive, please read through and agree with the following:

If I am accepted into The Intensive, I’m ready to…

1. Make a meaningful investment into my growth within the next 7 days

2. Take the action needed to feel my feelings, look at my patterns, and heal them

Sounds good? Let’s crack on.


"I want in! By the way, what's included?"



  • You can have weekly 1-hour calls if you like the regular time.

  • Book in advance, or book in when you need me.

  • Or slice it and dice it however you like - start with 90-minutes, have 30-minutes the following week etc.

  • The session booking links are at the end of the page.

  • We meet on Zoom. You can have the audio recording of each session, if you wish. It's not mandatory - but it's available.


  • Access to me in between sessions to ask for support. If an ex has got back in touch, you're dating again and starting to cling, and need support to get back on track... contact me.

  • I'll reply with personalized, thoughtful voice notes with specific action steps, tailored to what you need.

  • I like to use Telegram. If you prefer WhatsApp, that's okay too.

  • I reply to your messages within 24 hours during the week, and within 48 hours at the weekend. This helps me carve out the time to sit, listen, and respond thoughtfully. I will never rush a message to you.

  • PS: I'm here to guide and coach you. Empower you. I won't mother you, smother you, or enable you.


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