You're exhausted, unsupported & drained.

You're ashamed to admit, you're starting to resent those close to you. You're tired of doing it all yourself and always being the supporter.

And when it comes to love, you're attracting men who expect you to make all the moves and make all the plans.

You know this needs to change.

You know it starts with you.

Ms. Lone Wolf. It's time for you to soften.



RADIANCE is an intimate, high-touch mastermind for women, helping you to soften into your heart, embody your true femininity, loosen your death grip of control, let people in, allow others to support you, and become the woman who easily attracts a masculine partner who cherished and adores you.


You'll experience deep transformation in RADIANCE because we're going deep.

We'll be uncovering why you haven't felt safe to soften, why those walls have been up so high, and why you still feel like a Lone Wolf in a world that doesn't support you.

We're going to change all of this.


RADIANCE will revolutionise the relationship you have with yourself. It will get you clear on your needs, emotions, desires and longings. It will also heal and drastically improve your relationship in 3 key areas:






"Is this about dancing around in the forest all day with moon blood on our faces?" (No, it isn't)

When we're in a very masculine, logical mode - the concept of receptivity, softening and femininity can feel intangible and illusive.

There are uber-spiritual ideas around femininity and our heart, that may feel "out there" and may not work for you.

So to be super super clear - this program is NOT fluffy.

It's practical, and we delve into your psychology, your emotions, relationship patterns, relationship with your body, your sexuality, your self-trust, self-image, and your inner child.

We'll look at mother and father wounds, and heal from those.

We'll take a holistic view of all of your relationships - not only your lovers and exes, but also your friends, family, coworkers, team members, social media audience and collaborators (if appropriate).

We'll understand what patterns are at play, and why you secretly feel exhausted and resentful of those around you.

Yes, we'll talk energy.

Yes, we may even talk about womb work.

And, while you can see I'm passionate about hanging out in forests...

This isn't about what works for me.

This is about me guiding you towards your own relationship with your femininity - and refining our relationship skills - in a way that is practical, grounded, and works for you in your life.


"I'm ready! How does RADIANCE work?"

RADIANCE is a mastermind with transformational coaching and high-touch, personal support from me. The support takes three forms:

Group Coaching Calls

2 x monthly group Zooms

We'll have group coaching sessions on Zoom, group size is intimate and kept to 3-5 souls. During the calls you'll receive 1:1 coaching from me. Our sessions go deep, and run for 90-minutes to 2 hours. We have two calls per month.

Voice Note Support

Intimate group support on Telegram

In between calls, you have access to me. We'll have a group chat on Telegram where you can ask me questions. I'll leave you personalized voice notes and give you actionable steps tailor-made to your specific challenge. This helps you to apply what you're learning and truly BECOME the woman who is is loved, cherished and adored... rather than someone who had a breakthrough one time in a coaching session. Application and integration is key to becoming her. The Telegram voice notes help you do this.

Private Coaching

Month One: 1 x coaching session

In month one, you'll also receive a 1-hour private coaching session with me to set your outcome and goals for the program, and also help you get clear on where the work needs to be done.


Our next start date is July 1. Let's chat.

Apply for a connection call on Zoom here.

You can also leave me a voice note on Instagram.

After we've talked and it feels like a good fit for us both, you can enrol here:

Month 1


Month 2



"How long can I stay in RADIANCE? What happens when I'm complete?"

RADIANCE is a 2-month mastermind, so you will be devoted and committed to this journey for 2 months. We are healing and transforming patterns that have been ingrained for all of your life (and some past lives, too) - we need the time.

Two weeks before the end of our 2-months, I'll contact you privately and ask how you're feeling and if you feel complete.

If you need to stay beyond 2 months, you are welcome to stay. Month 3 and beyond will be on a rolling month-by-month basis.