The Love Formula

The LOVE Formula (previously DDEM)_February 2022.png

Step 3: How To Heal It


The Theory:

  • Our unhealthy relationship patterns will continue until we heal the core wound which caused the pattern

  • The key to overcoming dating drama is healing this core wound(s)

  • This deepens our relationship with ourselves, which directly impacts the relationship we have with everyone in our lives


The Exercise:

  • Place yourself in front of a mirror in a private space where you won't be disturbed

  • Set a timer on your phone. Set it to two minutes.

  • During the two minutes, look into your eyes. Maintain eye contact with yourself for the entire two minutes. Do not break eye contact.

  • When your alarm sounds after two minutes, the exercise is complete

  • Immediately afterwards, journal on the prompts below


The Journaling Prompts:

  • I felt...

  • I know...

  • I will...


Additional Prompts:

  • Out of the suggestions given throughout the course, which healing methods feel good to you?

  • Which healing methods will you try? When will you start?

  • Are there any new habits you will create to help yourself heal and reparent yourself?
    e.g. writing down affirmations every morning, or asking yourself "How do I feel, what do I need and how can I give this to myself?" throughout the day.

  • How can you make these new habits part of your daily routine?

  • Name the relationships in your life that are already healthy, balanced and secure, e.g. a close friend. What elements of this relationship feel good? What elements of this relationship would you like to have with a partner, e.g. trust, honesty, solid communication? What would it feel like to have this experience with a partner? Feel those feelings in your body now. Make this a daily practice.


Extra Resources:

  • To further the healing process, I recommend going straight to these specific three modules in the bonus section:

  • The Method: Remastered

  • Inner Child Healing Meditation

  • How To Release Trauma From The Physical Body