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Ways To Work With Me

On this page, you'll find three options:

1. Single Sessions (one-off)

2. Coaching Membership (6 months)

2. Courses (self-study)


Coaching: Single Sessions (aka Intensives)

Best for: Resolving a specific situation in your emotional and romantic world.

Clients tell me they leave the session feeling seen, heard and validated. They feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted, and they are absolutely clear on what they need to do next.

How it works:

1️⃣ Book + pay for your intensive

2️⃣ I'll send you journal prompts to help you get clear on the session's outcomes

3️⃣ We'll have our session and get you to said outcome

Please save an hour or two after the session.... it's common to feel a little vulnerable, and I want you to have the space and time to take care of yourself.

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£300 - 2 hours

The types of outcomes that work well for this intensive:

  • I want to understand why I've had a deep emotional connection with this actor or character.

  • I want to know how to reduce my fangirl screen time and sustain it, so in 6 months I'm barely checking it at all, and it no longer feels like a compulsion.

  • I want to know why my brain did this and why I got so obsessed with this character or celebrity.

  • I've had loads of therapy, I understand why I'm doing it, but I want to know how to actually stop thinking about him all the time and have control over my own mind.

£300 - 2 hours

The types of outcomes that work well for this intensive:

  • I had such a strong connection with this guy I met 6 months ago (he lives in Australia / has a girlfriend already / I met him while traveling) and I can't stop thinking about him. I want to stop obsessing about him.

  • I met someone and it stirred up all these tumultuous feelings that I don't understand and can't control. I want to understand why I met this person, what it meant, and have control over my mind and emotions.

  • I broke up with someone, I'm past the grieving phase but I need help healing from this relationship.

  • I keep attracting the same people over and over again. I'm ready to find my soulmate and I want to know where to start.

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An Intensive Includes:

  • 1 x 2-hour session on Zoom, where I'll ask coaching questions to help you reflect on what you've felt and experienced. This helps you towards your outcome. I may also give you tools and techniques and action steps. It may be purely talk-based, and sometimes we drop into a closed-eye process to help you feel and release (it's like a guided meditation, but specific to you).

  • 5 days of Voxer support after the session for support with any intense feelings, and to help you understand and apply what you learned in session. May include journal prompts, tasks, and action steps, all custom to you and your specific situation

  • Please know intensives are non-refundable. If needed, you can defer the start date of an intensive for up to 6 months from the date you first paid for it.


Private Coaching Membership

​After 6 months working with me privately, you will:

✔︎ Know how to build happy healthy relationships in every area of your life, for the rest of your life.

✔︎ Have the practical and emotional tools - including communication, conflict resolution and boundaries - to attract a high calibre partner. Typically, my clients do this easily, without dating apps, within 6-12 months of working with me. They call this person their soulmate.

✔︎ Master the art of identifying false beliefs around relationships and the type of partnership you can have. You will have the ability to identify where these beliefs came from, see they are not true and often a symptom of your family's fears, and know how to create beliefs that support the relationship you want to create.

✔︎  Be certain of the relationship you want and the qualities your future partner has, and the action steps you need to take to become a woman who has a partner of this calibre. You will feel confident in your decision, and free from the expectations of overbearing parents, who have wishes for you that do not align with your own wants, needs, desires, dreams and goals.

✔︎ Understand how to build and raise a beautiful family where people know how to communicate with each other and it’s safe, nurturing and happy. A home where everyone flourishes. A home where everyone is encouraged to be who they truly are and work towards their personal, work and relationship goals.

✔︎ Have the techniques to be calmer and more confident, and able to manage your own emotions. You have learned how to communicate what you need from your future partner. This creates contented relationships, with no fighting or passive aggressive communication. You will be able to create a home very different to the one you were raised in.

✔︎ Know how to say no to draining family members – and calmly and lovingly say no, without any guilt.

✔︎ You will know how to both protect yourself from people who are bad for you, while also keeping your heart open to let in the new relationship and new friends who love you for who you really are.


Coaching: Membership

Choose your membership level below then book a membership chat with me.

Level 1

  • 1 x 60-minute monthly session

£ 250 per month
6 month commitment

Level 2 (most popular)

  • 2 x 60-minute monthly sessions 

£ 500 per month
6 month commitment

Level 3: VIP

  • 4 x 60-minute sessions per month

  • Voxer support in between sessions

  • Priority booking + flexibility - choose your own session time

  • Build your own session lengths (turn 2 x 45-minute sessions into 1 x 90-minute intensive)

£ 1,000 per month
6 month commitment


Things to know about membership:

  • Memberships last for 6-months, and membership dues are payable monthly.

  • Pay-in-full options are available.

  • Rates are payable in British Pounds Sterling (£ = GBP).

  • We'll talk first to see if this is a good fit. It's also possible to book one 60-minute session before committing to a membership. This one-off session is £100.

  • All sessions take place via Zoom. My internet connection is hardwired into my MacBook. I recommend you do the same to ensure a smooth connection.

  • Once you've selected your membership level, memberships are a commitment, and non-refundable. This ensures you get results. True change takes time.

  • If there are extreme unforeseen circumstances, or it's really not working out, then you can exit early. This has never happened in 8 years of coaching, but technically it could.



Best for: Mastering key relationship skills, accepting your sexuality, finding lasting love, and/or overcoming fangirl patterns. 

Courses are self-study and you learn in the comfort of your home and in your own time. Some courses include support from me (please check the landing page to be sure).


View courses you can get access to right away


View courses launching later this year, and join the VIP list


Have a question for me?

  • Email me at #SayYoureAMillennial #WithoutSayingYoureAMillennial 

  • Or DM me on one of the social media machines.

  • Please give me up to 24 hours to respond Monday-Friday, and 48 hours on a weekend or UK bank holiday.

  • Right now it's just me and Julia (my amazing VA), so there's not a big team of people to respond round the clock.